Freedom Weight Loss integrates exercise into your routine, so you feel safe and comfortable working out. The exercise is provided in a group setting and is private for weight loss clients only. You’ll feel right at home.

If you don’t want to exercise in a group setting, our personal training staff will make you a customized exercise routine for the gym floor, particular to your body type and your restrictions etc.

Freedom Weight Loss gives you private one on one coaching, so we get to know your story and work with you through your particular issues.

Freedom Weight Loss permits you to pay for your program over 18 months, so that everything fits nicely and affordably in your monthly budget.

Freedom Weight Loss provides rapid weight loss options, in the range of 12-28lbs per month….with the first 30 days providing the most rapid weight loss experienced. Freedom weight loss also provides natural options, so people move ahead a little slowly using only live, whole, unprocessed foods from the grocery store.

Each weight loss program at Physical Limits Fitness includes access to our group fitness classes, weights, cardio, tanning, spinning, 24 hour access, towels, free friend access, dual club access to Summit Fitness, sauna, steam room, luxury change rooms and day care as well for your children.

Freedom Weight Loss is now offering a 25% discount off all weight loss programs and you’re free to try 2 weeks of the program first before you decide to continue.

Call immediately to make an appointment at 613.932.4766 or contact our head weight loss coaching directly at Have a great day.

Written by: Jason Christoff