Sean McCormick has been working as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Diet Specialist and Personal Trainer at Physical Limits since the beginning of 2014. Sean was motivated to join the CHANGE COACH TEAM at Physical Limits so he could help people achieve their fitness goals after CHANGE COACH Jason Christoff introduced him to the CHEK Institute in Vista California. Sean has used his new found knowledge to turn his own life around and lead by example for everyone around him.

Sean has struggled with his personal health in the past and relates very well to what clients are going through during their personal health journeys. Sean believes that exercise and diet should be enjoyable, if not, the client will have a hard time sticking to the plan. Sean likes to make fitness and health fun for all his clients. Sean specializes in weight loss coaching, functional exercise, as well as postural corrective exercise for pain reduction. Sean is a proud member of the CHANGE COACH TEAM at Physical Limits Health and Fitness.

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