I used to work on my body and my looks, so that all inquiry would stop there, so no one would go deeper. I wanted people to stop at the skin, the car, the stuff, the physical, the material…….because what was underneath was ugly, unfinished, in fear, afraid, unevolved, dark, dirty, rotting, something trapped in a permanent childhood. I know better now and I know that to find balance, one must work equally on their spirit and ascension, as much as they do their physical body. Saying that, it’s now health first, even if being healthy doesn’t have my biceps bursting out of my shirt. What you see there in the photo below is “body” and it’s great at stopping people in our society from digging into who you really are, what you stand for, your morality and your ethics. As we work on our outsides, to stop the world at the superficial border, we avoid why we were sent here to the planet.

The “good looks” gets a free pass in our society, even if the soul is absent. Our social engineers like a soulless population of course and give us all the negative role modelling to produce it, because soulless people stand for nothing other than what the “it crowd” is doing that day….. and that’s why we’re drowning in a dysfunctional amount of material obsession. Look at me, look at my car, my lawn is perfect, my hair is perfect, my abs are perfect….everything is good, everything is fine. The land of the smiling depressive, hoping no one knocks down the house of cards, to expose the rotting interior. Our looks and our stuff are meant to yell, “don’t come too close, you might find out that there’s nothing on the inside. Please judge me on my looks and what I own……not what good I’m doing in the world.” It works good for tricking people and I tricked a lot of people in my day, with the facade and the show. I would attract innocent people to my door with the “looks” and then my soulless agenda would devour them. I apologize to anyone who got caught in my charade of shallow North American living.

As our culture teaches us to obsess about “the looks” and “the masks we wear“, we become lost on the inside, more distant, more divorced from ourselves…..the act of self murder takes over, the destruction of our true self in order fit into the dysfunctional herd. Getting truly healthy helped start moving my ship in the right direction, setting sail for my best life. I started my health journey with knowledge from the CHEK Institute. If you’re looking for a new way to live, a way to help find true success and balance in your life, I suggest you look them up. Change your life. CHEK INSTITUTE Vista California.As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, we offer unique one on one coaching opportunities…….from people who have already mastered health on our home court. Come see myself and my team of health coachees at Physical Limits and lets get started on what’s important in your life.

Written by: Jason Christoff