Mari McDonell has been head of The Freedom Weight Loss Clinic for 11 years and with that, has shown the immense dedication to her clients that she’s famous for. The Freedom Weight Loss Clinic specializes in rapid weight loss, in the range of 12-128lbs per month, on average. Clients only invest in what they need to lose, as Freedom offers 30, 50, 100 and over 200lb weight loss options.

Mari is director of all clinic operations and offers her unique style of coaching once per week to each client in the program, providing the one on one support each client needs to lose the weight. Once a client has achieved their weight loss goal, Mari is charged with the responsibility to see each client for as many months as it takes for them to follow through on their program commitment,  to maintain their new healthy lifestyle. Mari understands the journey her weight loss clients are on and has walked that path with over 1000 clients in her role as weight loss director at The Freedom Weight Loss Clinic. Mari is a proud member of the CHANGE COACH TEAM at Physical Limits Health and Fitness.

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