Freedom Weight Loss is a weight loss program run out of Physical Limits Health and Fitness in Cornwall. There are 9 programs to choose from, some of which don’t include exercise. If a client just wants to come into the program and receive guidance on their diet, without participating in exercise, they’re free to do so. There are rapid weight loss programs as well plus there are one on one COACHING options with our highly qualified staff of CHANGE COACHES, if clients are looking for that one on one support. Freedom Weight Loss is about connection with our inner selves, as well as connecting with our Freedom Weight Loss Coach Mari McDonnell, on a weekly basis. Freedom Weight Loss offers life long weekly coaching because we’re dedicated long term to our client’s health and weight loss success. Freedom Weight Loss is Cornwall’s #1 weight loss program because it works. Biweekly payment options are available with all programs, making any choice affordable for any budget. Come see us today and regain your Freedom. Call Freedom Weight Loss at 613.932.4766. Come on in and lets figure out which program is right for you. Above is one of our clients this month, Julie Belanger. She looks great. Thank you Julie for allowing us to use your picture.. 613.932.4766 We’ll see you very soon at Freedom Weight Loss. We’ve also added below a short video that will give you more information on Freedom Weight Loss. Have a great week or weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Written by: Jason Christoff