1. Go To Bed Before 10:30 pm. Quality sleep = increased fat burning.  Going to bed on time (at night) makes us healthy by obeying what’s called our circadian rhythm. 2. Eat Less. This is going to make you money. Understand that your stomach is the size of your closed

If you’re looking to stay strong, youthful and vibrant it will be things you do daily that will always come under the most scrutiny. One of the top habits that destroy the body from the inside out is a daily coffee ritual. It’s actually extremely fascinating how destructive coffee is

Why Is Freedom Weight Loss Different?

Freedom Weight Loss integrates exercise into your routine, so you feel safe and comfortable working out. The exercise is provided in a group setting and is private for weight loss clients only. You’ll feel right at home. If you don’t want to exercise in a group setting, our personal training

10 Insider Secrets That Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off What we’re told about who we are and how our bodies operate, isn’t complete and this is why we have a hard time losing weight and accomplishing any sort of positive trajectory in our lives. One of

Jennifer’s Vanilla Bean Protein Pancakes

This recipe makes six large pancakes. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups organic almond meal 1/2 cup organic coconut flakes 1 scoop organic Dr. Mercola Vanilla protein powder 1 ripe organic banana, mashed 1 tablespoon organic chia seeds 1/4 cup bottled spring water 1/4 teaspoon organic vanilla bean powder 1 organic egg