If you’re looking to stay strong, youthful and vibrant it will be things you do daily that will always come under the most scrutiny. One of the top habits that destroy the body from the inside out is a daily coffee ritual. It’s actually extremely fascinating how destructive coffee is to our health and to what lengths the media goes to……..to hide the truth about coffee from the public. For more information on how detrimental coffee is to all aspects of your physical and mental well being, please read the book “Caffeine Blues” by Stephen Cherniske.

According to the late and great Charles Poliquin (a world leader in human performance) the most effective fat burner ever tested was 10 hours of sleep. Sleep is a daily habit or ritual that always requires constant review. Most people’s health suffers immensely when they don’t get enough sleep. It’s best to get to bed by 9 or 10 and get up with the sun. We require more sleep in the winter months and less sleep in the summer months. The sun and moon controls our cycles. Our bodies are synced to nature, not to the demands of our man made world. We work best when we follow the natural cycles of our planet.

In order to stay strong, youthful and vibrant………you really need to watch the morning meals. Keeping blood sugar very low in the morning does wonders for your health. As you sleep, your pancreas starts to stock pile insulin. Insulin is a fat storing hormone and the pancreas fires out excessive insulin during the morning meal, well in excess of what’s needed in most cases. How much insulin our pancreas injects into our blood stream, is always dependent on how much sugar we consume at any given meal. If our blood sugar is low for breakfast (from a meal of eggs, nuts and some vegetables for example) we achieve less fat storing insulin in our blood stream. Our morning meal either builds our day or destroys it….on many fronts. If we have a high sugar meal of say breads, muffins (cake without icing), yogurts, fruit, granola, cereal, milk, bagels etc etc………..we’re playing a disastrous game with our blood sugar and resulting insulin levels. Keep your blood sugar low in the morning to make sure your health always stays at top levels.

Maintain effective water rituals, in order to maximize your health. In the book “Our Bodies Many Cries for Water” the author recounts that even a 1% reduction in optimal water levels (within the body) can reduce athletic performance by as much as 50%. Our bodies are 70% water for many particular and concrete reasons, which always have to do with maintaining optimal wellness. Just like any water source, the water must be changed out on a regular basis….so it doesn’t rot and putrefy. To start a perfect “WATER DAY” in your life……get up and brush your teeth. You don’t want to start drinking water before you clean your mouth out because the mouth after sleeping is full of dangerous bacteria. Don’t start drinking anything before you brush your teeth. Don’t wash all the night’s pollution in your mouth, down into your stomach. That’s a health “NO NO!” After you brush your teeth, drink 500 ml of water and wait 30 minutes. Then you can eat your first low glyemic (low sugar) meal for breakfast and away you go. Don’t drink water when you eat or it dilutes the acid in your stomach, to cause a whole bunch of other health problems. Wait 1.5 hours after you eat, to start drinking water again and then stop drinking that water 30 minutes before you eat. Stay hydrated BETWEEN YOUR MEALS and give yourself enough time to digest the food in your stomach before you start drinking water again. Glass bottled spring water is most often the cleanest and most alive on the planet. If you drink tap water maybe try a reverse osmosis filter or distillation machine to remove pollution.

Try to eat as much organic food as possible, in order to keep disease causing mega toxins out of your body and out of the environment. Vote for the world you want with the dollars in your wallet. Below is a very short but powerful video regarding just how much poison is on or in most non organic food products and produce. The video also demonstrates how quickly the body gets rid of those toxins, if the poisonous non organic food is removed from your daily habits.

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Written by: Jason Christoff