10 Insider Secrets That Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

  1. What we’re told about who we are and how our bodies operate, isn’t complete and this is why we have a hard time losing weight and accomplishing any sort of positive trajectory in our lives.
  2. One of the biggest impacts on our weight is the people in our immediate environment. It’s shown that our friends influence our weight. Friends of our friends influence our weight as well…..even if we don’t know them or see them directly. Odd but proven. This leads to some very interesting insights and conclusions about what’s really controlling our health, weight etc.
  3. The human brain is designed as a “safety seeking machine” and what that means is that we’ll seek safety….even if the safety we seek makes us overweight, unhealthy and miserable. This odd “safety seeking process” in our brain is related to point #2….where blending in with the people around us is how we generate the most safety. That means if our friends or the general population are overweight and unhealthy, we follow suit because it’s safer to blend in……rather than to stand out.
  4. Because of this need to blend in…..our brains have been shown to actually pursue fail based diets, seek failure based home exercise equipment purchases or pursue joining the local lost cost fitness club and never attending. Our need to fit in with the herd, group or flock is very often about putting fourth a pretend effort but also about making sure we never become different than the overweight and unhealthy people around us. We subconsciously arrange our own failures because it’s safer. We fail because it’s safer than succeeding.
  5. The reasons mentioned above, regarding our need to stay the exact same, in order to satisfy our genetic need for safety and security……are the same reasons we constantly place very unhealthy foods in our mouths as well. This is why most people can only go a couple healthy meals into the day, until they go home and “binge” on weight gaining food. If they were to eat all meals healthy in a day, they would lose weight. Losing weight means you stand out. The cravings described by many people (that often come on at night) are actually fear based cravings.. Craving to stay at the same weight because you’re afraid to be smaller and DIFFERENT. Most people are that scared of changing and standing out.
  6. So what do the 5%, who keep their weight stable, do that the other 95% don’t? Well the first thing they do is that they understand losing weight and keeping it off is about facing their fears of standing above their peers. They develop the courage to envision themselves as thinner and healthier than the people around them.
  7. The 5% of the people who become warriors of their health and weight also develop the courage to be attacked for rising up above their peers in regards to their weight and their health. It’s proven that people who are better in anyway, compared to the people who surround them, get attacked. If you’re different, especially different AND BETTER, you’ll get the judging eye of the underachievers who surround you. Different AND WORSE seems acceptable but different AND BETTER appears to stir the flock or group into a very aggressive formation. The 5% who are successful with their weight know that this attack is coming, they face that fear with courage and move ahead anyway.
  8. The 5% really become experts in watching their fear rise up and then they deal with that fear effectively. This fear of course is based on losing weight and increasing their health…….inside a society that becomes really aggressive toward anyone who wants to become MORE or BETTER than the average.
  9. I of course coach people in this regard, making people understand how their brains work and how much easier it is to lose weight when they understand this fear based reaction, which will always hold them back. I offer a very easy to understand 11 hour master workshop recording on the subject, regarding what drives your self sabotage and how to overcome it.. More info on that audio/video course by clicking here. If you happen to be a member of any of my health clubs in Cornwall Ontario Canada……this recording is actually free if you hold an ultra deluxe membership.
  10. I also do one on one coaching for weight loss and health improvement via Skype anywhere in the world. More information can be found on that service by clicking here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very valuable information. Just a few big secrets regarding effective weight loss and health improvement. There are many more interesting facts and secrets being hidden from you, regarding what it really takes to lose weight and regain your health. If you have any questions, please contact my directly at jason@physicallimits.com

Written by: Jason Christoff