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Physical Limits Health and Fitness offers FREE UNLIMITED PERSONAL TRAINING for all clients. This means a client can enroll in as many FREE PERSONAL TRAINING sessions as they want, without any limitations. Our CHANGE COACHES break down the PERSONAL TRAINING by body part and instruct each client on how to maximize their results regarding that particular part of their body. Simply pick the time that works best for you and contact the front desk to reserve your spot. A maximum of 3 clients for each particular PERSONAL TRAINING session. We require 24 hour notice for any cancellations or modifications to your reservation.

Our CHANGE COACHES not only instruct our clients regarding each particular body part, they also hold PERSONAL TRAINING sessions regarding diet and stretching as well. Future additions to our FREE UNLIMITED PERSONAL TRAINING schedule will include cooking demonstrations, healthy grocery store tours, over coming self sabotage strategies and “to do lists” to make your home environment healthy for everyone who lives there. New additions to the existing schedule come on line in September 2016.  Only Physical Limits Health and Fitness offers FREE UNLIMITED PERSONAL TRAINING. If you don’t know what to do when you join a fitness club, you don’t have to worry when you join Physical Limits. We have you covered. See you at the club and don’t forget to come try a free workout, free tan or free GROUP CLASS on us at anytime. Have a great day.

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What ever your question or comment please feel free to let us know and one of our experts will get back to you very soon. You’re also welcome to come in at anytime to take a free workout, a free tan or a free GROUP class on us. Thank you.

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