As a CHANGE COACH at Physical Limits Health and Fitness Barry Denis prides himself on helping his clients achieve their fitness goals using 3 primary principles I. Motivation II. Education and III. Program Design. When a client is motivated, their ability to achieve a desired result is much greater. This is solidified by understanding or being educated in how to acquire that desired result. If a client understands what the COACH is doing and the mechanics behind it (why it works), the potential for success becomes more realistic, tangible and therefore, easily attainable. This, of course, is where a detailed game plan comes in and that expertise is readily found inside the CHANGE PROGRAM and within our skilled team of CHANGE COACHES.

Barry believes that in order to help each of his clients obtain his or her goal for optimum health and wellness, he has to understand their unique challenges and appreciate their personal journey. Because Barry has studied at the CHEK Institute in Vin Vista California, he’s highly skilled in doing what it takes to get a client where they want to go in their life. If you’re looking to change how you eat, how you think, how you feel, how you look, and ultimately, your life, take the most challenging step. Take action and make an appointment with a CHANGE COACH today. Barry is a proud member of the CHANGE COACH TEAM at Physical Limits Health and Fitness.

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